Hashtag is more well known on Twitter, but don’t you know that Hastag is also can be used on Facebook?
And do you know how to use it?

Well, actually Hashtag on Facebook is still quite new. Not many people use it as they do on Twitter. Even a hashtag can become a massive social movement. Basically the use of hashtag on Facebook is the same with its use on Twitter and Instagram which is to help people to discover talks or status based on keywords.


Here is an interesting data of the use of hashtag in Facebook
– A status with 1 – 2 hashtags gains 593 average contacts
– A status with 3 – 5 hashtags gains 416 average contacts
– A status with 6 – 10 hashtags gains 307 average contacts
– A status with 10+ hashtags gains 188 average contacts


So what we can say from above data is that the more hashtags in a status, the fewer contacts it will gains, vice versa.
To sum up, hashtag may be helpful but be wise to do it, especially for online marketing.

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