In this post we are going to continue where we left off last week and take a look at another huge opportunity which comes in the form of Pinterest! If your reading this blog I am going to guess that you have heard of Pinterest and have probably visited the site a few times. As of this month (Feb 2016) Pinterest is rankedthe fourth most popular social media network.

#1 Facebook 1.1 Billion (Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors)
#2 Twitter 310 Million (Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors)
#3 Linkedin 255 Million (Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors)
#4 Pinterest 250 Million (Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors)

Pinterest was created in  in 2009 in San Francisco by a trio of founders  Ben Silbermann, Evan Sharp and Paul Sciarra and it quickly gained a strong following for its simple layout and highly visually appealing styling. Pinterest has become known as the catalog of the internet,  85% of its users are female and it plays a massive part in retail digital marketing campaigns.

Ranking #4 in the social media popularity stakes means that Pinterest is an absolutely huge traffic opportunity for any business that wants to tap in this awesome free traffic source. If your working in the clothing, beauty or home niches Pinterest is an opportunity that you will not want to miss!

What Exactly Is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a place where people come to hang out and socialize and when they find something they really like and think is pretty cool they show it off to their friends who are also hanging out there! This is what is known as
as a social book marking site. Social booking is not a new idea, however Pinterest broke new ground by becoming
the first to include visual bookmarking through the posting of images. It can be seen as an another image sharing
social network. The idea is you “Pin” the things you love to “Boards” which are based on specific themes, interests
or events.


It is possible to “Repin” images from other peoples boards in your own feeds and vice versa. It is possible for users
to create their own boards – this makes it possible for users to deliver a very personal experience to their
followers. Individual boards make it really easy for followers to find the exact theme, interest or event they arelooking for and saves them a great deal of time! On other platforms such as Facebook or Twitter the followers  would have to look through all images posted, regardless of the topic! Signing up for Pinterest is straight forward just pop in your email, create a password and your good to go! Social login via Facebook is also supported – so you can literally tap into the power of Pinterest in just one click!


How Has Such A Simple Network Gained 250 Million Members?

As I have mentioned a few times Pinterest has grown to rank #4 in the top social media platforms! This is no mean feat when you think they were going head to head with giants such as Google, Digg and even StumbleUpon. Today’s internet users are more visual than ever before and Pinterest feeds this hunger very well presenting a highly appealing visual experience, that left the competition lagging way behind! Lets look at a few additional reasons Pinterest has experienced so much success:

#1 The Design

Pinterest was designed with bookmarking content in mind and the design team knew exactly what they were doing! On Facebook (until recently) and Twitter it was difficult to save content to review later unless you made a bookmark in your browser! Pinterest fills this need in a very easy to use way that makes it fun!

Content is very well organized on Pinterest and the whole process of finding and booking marking it could not be easier!

#2  A Huge Following Is Not Required!

On Facebook and Twitter your content is only visible to those who are connected to you as friends and followers. With Pinterest, things are a little different. When you share you’re sharing with the entire community. You will often find people you don’t know commenting on your pins after seeing them in their ‘Everything’ updates.

Pinterest rewards you for posting unique and inspiring content by giving you the chance to have your “Pins” moved up to Pinterest’s featured section – this presents an amazing opportunity to go viral! Imagine being pinned on the homepage of a website that has over 250 million unique visitors a month – this is one of things that really makes Pinterest stand apart from similar image sharing sites!


#3 Follow People But Only Receive The Updates You Want!

When you follow or friend someone on Facebook or Twitter – you will automatically receive all their updates! This means you will receive updates about topics you are interested in and a lot of topics you are not, with very little ability to be able to control what content you receive.

On Pinterest content is contained with “Boards” within someones account – so you can choose to only the updates from the boards your interested in! This is great for “Pinners” as well as you can be assured that people following your boards are are targeted audience – which is perfect for when you want to start syphoning off the resulting traffic to your niche websites! It goes without saying targeted traffic being sent to a relevant offer will experience much higher conversions in terms of sales and sign ups!

So Why Should I Use Pinterest In My Social Media Marketing?

The answer to this question is simple! You will benefit from Pinterest’s massive traffic, ability to host boards that pertain to specific interests and the ability to embed links that send traffic back your squeeze page, sales page or website. It is also great because its 100% free!

What Kind Of People Use Pinterest?

A majority of Pinterest users are women who are fairly well off and make purchases on a regular basis. Many of them are highincome families, business owners and people looking for inspiration on what to buy. The Pinterest audience is ready-made to funnel to your website and send to your checkout, but you need to make sure that you are respecting your audience and doing everything you can to contribute, rather than just be posting to try to sell something. People use social media sites to be sociable, and businesses that understand this, and make sure their business is connecting with followers, are the ones that are most successful.

85% Of Pinterest Users Are Women

42% of US Women  Online Use Pinterest

30% Of All Social Medias In The US Use Pinterest


Where Are Pinterest Users Living?


Ok so now we know a little bit about Pinterest we are going to look at some tips to help you make the most of this amazing platform and awesome free targeted traffic source!

1) Add a Pin It Button to Your Website

Its highly advisable to add a pin it button to your website or blog that appears on every piece of content that contains an image. Most people reading this will be running a WordPress website just like us – implementing these kind of button is easily done by using a social sharing plugin! This is an awesome way to generate traffic as visitors will be sharing your content on Pinterest on your behalf, then their followers we be able to look at it and then “Repin” it and your content will have the potential to gain huge reach!

2) Make Your Board Easily Searchable

Like all networks its really important you take the time to make your Pinterest “Pins” easy to find – just posting them and hoping for the best is not sufficient! You have to take the time to make sure everything is named in such a way that people will be able to find it. If possible use the same “Handles” you use on other social media networks, if that is not possible choose something as close to that as possible. Avoid Keyword stuffing as this looks spammy – so ranking high in Pinterest search is totally useless if your turning your visitors off as soon as they land on your board!

3) Improve Engagement

You need to engage people to get traffic to your website. Regularly share images that are not only compelling but also invoking curiosity and interest in your visitors so that they click on it and go to your website.  Also do research on your followers’ interests and the kind of images they like and share. Recently Pinterest has introduced the feature of Rich Pin. Treat writing image descriptions like writing a headline for a blog post or email – the idea is to get your visitors to click through and take action on your desired target web page.

If you use Pinterest in an intelligent way it is an incredibly powerful source of refferral traffic. Implementing the methods I have discussed so far (and with great content!) you will be able to harness this power and send huge amounts of traffic to your target website! Remember the posts need to relevant and very specific to your target audience. The more specific and targeted they are the easier it is to rank them in Pinterest search.

4) Create a complete profile:

Pinterest has added Video to its platform and “Pinners” now have the option to upload and customize video thumbnails. As with all video platforms the key is to select and image that really grabs the audiences attention and also is representative of what to expect when watching the video. Pinterest facilitates the ability to create mutliple “Boards”. You may choose to separate board just for video content – just make sure you choose a creative and compelling title that goes beyond the default “Videos”!


Always take the time to write an interesting description and let people know what your video content is about – success on these kind of platforms depends on completeness! Incomplete descriptions just make you look lazy and not really bothered about the quality of content you are uploading – this is fine for individuals posting for fun, but as a business you need to take care to preserve your brand integrity.

The “Pinners” browse and pin their interest on a daily basis, and most do it every hour. Ideally you keep videos down to less than a minute long unless they fall into the “DIY” , “How To” or “Behind The Scenes” type videos. Most “Pinners” are agressively seeking out new things to “Pin” and are “Pinning” on an almost hourly basis – Pinterest is a very, very active platform! This is great news for you as a business – the users are much more likely to share your images/videos than they would on Facebook or Twitter!

Include The Pin Button To Pin Images That Are Interesting:

This is a simple way to connect with other “Pinners” or business pin-boards. First it gives a link to a person’s or company’s Pinterest account. Second, Pinterest follows button allows users to follow another user. Third, it enables users to interact with other users through comments and likes. Lastly, it tempts “Pinners” to “Repin” a post. Thus, it increases marketing opportunities greatly.

Besides asking and allowing others to follow and “Repin” videos, one should also re-pin other user’s videos. In fact, “Repinning” helps “Pinners” build their network of followers. However, it is essential to choose the ones to follow and re-pin. A good way is to find influential people in the same industry and reach out by following them and re-pinning appropriate videos.

Create a Unique Pinterest video Campaign:

Its worth investing the time and resources in creating a Pinterest specific video campaign that encourages your followers to get involved and “Repin” your content. You could offer some kind of reward or incentive for those that take part! If you run a small botique type online store this could a fantastic way to your followers to get involved and get to know you! It also presents the perfect opportunity to run a user generated campaign! Please check out our guide to user generated content here! 

Well I hope you have found this introduction to Pinterest useful – I will be back with some much more advanced strategies in a future post! I hope everyone has a great start to the week and I will be back on Wedneday with another in depth post on Youtube marketing in 2016 for local business!

Have A Great Week,


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