Periscope is one of a number of Apps, that allow the user to broadcast a live stream directly from their mobile phone or tablet device. Competitors include Meerkat (which came first, Ustream & Livestream. I Have spent time experimenting with each App and I have found that, Periscope has the most vibrant (and rapidly growing) community. For reference purposes I have been using these Apps on an Android handset. The iOS version of Periscope has identical features, the only difference is that the layout is slightly different. We will focus on Android as according to our Google Analytics a majority of our readers are Android users too!


Periscope was founded in early 2014 by Kayvon Beykpour and Joe Bernstein. Beykpour was travelling in Turkey, when protests broke out and whilst reading about it on Twitter, he had the idea for a real time, live streaming video App and the concept of Periscope was born. After gaining an initial $1.5 Million in start-up funding, Periscope was acquired by Twitter in January 2015. Periscope was officially launched in March 2015 and by August 2015, it had gained over 10 million active users. Apple has just named it iPhone App of the year.

Within Four Months Of Launch – 40 Years worth of Video Was Streamed Daily


Periscopes mission is to enable you to “To see the world live through someone else’s eyes”, It has to be said they have done a great job of building an App that genuinely allows you to do this. In  the first few weeks of researching Periscope, I found the experience as  viewer, totally addictive. I was able to see some amazing things including:

  • Sunrise In Arizona
  • A Hot Air Balloon Festival
  • Sunset In Hollywood
  • Gypsy Fingers (Mike Oldfield’s Son’s Band) Performing A Live Concert In Poland
  • Live Talks & Lectures
  • Day To Day Lives Of Regular People Around The World
  • Experts Giving Advice

It is a great App that allows you to connect with people on a level that no other platform can. Once you start following peoples accounts, you really feel that you are getting to know them and building rapore with them. I noticed that after following certain accounts for a few days that the same people would always be watching when that account done a broadcast.  Hearing someone’s voice, seeing their face and interacting live with them, adds a human element to social media that is incredibly powerful.

Ok so this all sounds fun, but how is it going to help your business? Well Periscope allows you to tap in an audience of people that want to hear your message and interact with you right now! At first it might seem a little daunting broadcasting live to people all over the world, but as with all Social Media – if you have an action plan it becomes a lot easier. A lot of people say to me “sounds great but what will I talk about” , well below are a few examples of ideas for Periscope broadcasts:

  • Live Tour Of Your Workplace/Store
  • Product Unboxing
  • Product Demonstration
  • New Product Arrival Announcement
  • Product Prototype Demo
  • Product Development Progress Update
  • Live Stream Of A Public Speaking Event
  • Live How To Guide
  • Live Q & A Session

As you can see there are lots of different kinds of broadcasts you can do! I can not stress enough that now is the time to join and start broadcasting on Periscope, its expanding at an insanely fast rate – there are also more viewers, than people who are broadcasting interesting content! Its also totally free – the only cost to you is your time. I have to say this is one of the most exciting marketing opportunities that has ever existed.  This is your chance to get people to take action immediately!

Ok, so now we know a bit about what Periscope is, how it started and what an incredible marketing tool it is – lets take a look you can start using it right away!

Create An Account

The first thing you need to do is go to the Google Play (or iTunes) and search for “Periscope” then simply install it, like you would any other App.

To Log In You Can Link To Your Twitter Account

If you have an existing Twitter account you can simply login to the App using your existing details. If you have a personal brand or a business branded account – this is ideal, you will also be able to connect with your existing followers using Periscope. If the Twitter account you have is a personal account  (with a crazy name – IE: SteelersDan82) which you are posting:

  • What You Had For Breakfast
  • How Drunk You Got Last Night
  • Predictions For The Next Steelers Game
  • Commentary On The Presidential Race
  • Anything Else Non Niche/Business Focussed

Create a new account that is relevant to your niche, something like:

  • Danswebtips
  • Laurensocial
  • DigitalDan

Those are just examples, but it makes it easier for people figure out what your accounts about if you have at least one keyword relating to it in the title.

The same concepts apply as any other platform – make sure you have a quality profile pic. If your doing this as a personal brand, use a professional looking picture. Professional does not have to mean, wearing a suit, it means looking like someone who is trust worthy, knowledgeable and approachable. Here are 8 profile pictures you should never use in on any platform your trying to push professionally:

  1. Mirror Selfie Shots (Unless Its Instragram And Your In Fashion/Fitness)
  2. Over The Top Filters  Pics – Black And White Is Fine As Are Light Filters (No Crazy Negatives!!!)
  3. Out Of Focus/Blurry – Poor Pics Give The Impression You Are Offering Low Quality Information
  4. Too Serious – Does Not Encourage People To Want To Connect
  5. Pets- If Your A Dog Walker Or Own A Pet Store Its Fine, But Otherwise Do Not Do This!
  6. Overcropped – Please Include Your Whole Head (No Chin Looks A Bit Weird!)
  7. Egg (Default) – No One Wants To Talk To An Egg!!!

Example Profile Pics:


Above you can see two examples of my profile pictures – the first one is from my personal Twitter @Garyotooleldn and shows a decent quality headshot and for my agency One Verus Zero Digial @ovszdigital, it clearly shows our logo. In the new year I am going to be investing in a professional photoshoot for my personal branding and highly recommend you do the same! Investing in your photography and logos shows that your serious about what you are doing – it amazes me how many people and businesses fail at this first hurdle!

Next up you need to write a few short lines describing yourself – if you have a twitter account, it just pulls your biography straight out of there. I would suggest editing the biography to include a call to action and link to a mobile optimized landing page. You can say something like:

London Based, Start Up Focussed Digital Agency – Learn How To Rank #1 With  Youtube Video For $10 Click Here [Insert Link]

This Your Only Link – So Use It Wisely!!!

This just lets everyone know what kind of business your in, if its relevant for them and offers them a lead magnet that gets them signed up to your mailing list. Once someone is on your mailing list, you can set up your auto responder and bring them into your sales funnel. If your doing great “Scopes” (a popular term for broadcasts) people will check out your profile and your presenting yourself  and offering compelling, relevant content, there is a great chance the will click through and sign up.

Recommended Set Up:

I recommend buying a small smartphone tripod – you can pick one up on eBay or Amazon for just a few bucks – this will enable you to keep at the same angle through out your broadcast, which will give the viewer a much easier viewing experience!


Your audio quality is absolutely critical so a lapel microphone is an essential purchase if your serious about doing this.You can pick one up for under $10 but I recommend spending around $20 – $30 if possible. Your going to want to get what is known as a condenser microphone, a condenser microphone is a powered microphone – that boosts the signals volume before it enters the recording/broadcasting device. If you want people to stick around and keep coming back to your broadcasts – they need to be able to hear you clearly, so considering saving that extra $20 (if budget is an issue) and buying this microphone.


It is made by a brand called Audio Technica – who are a well established brand in the pro audio market. The model you want to look out for is the ATR3350.

The tripod and lapel microphone are essential – I would not advise trying to broadcast professionally without them.  There are a few other items that I would buy budget permitting and these are below.

Smartphone lenses – I definitely think its a great idea to invest in a smartphone lens that  will enable you to widen your smartphones camera view and add a bit of depth to your visuals. You can pick a pack of these up for around $20 – obviously if you want you can spend more, this is just an entry level guideline. lens

Lighting is another consideration – there are many options available. You can get started for less than $100 but if you have a higher budget, consider going all out and getting a full set up like below:


The great thing about all of these tools are that you can use them for any kind of video production you will be doing – whether its Periscope Broadcasts, Google Hangouts, Product Demos or even full blown courses! In 2016 video is going to massive, I frequently quote the Cisco statistic that forecasts 80% of all web traffic will be video traffic! I am personally investing a lot of time and money in this at the moment for Sociocaster, my personal brand & my agency. I am looking forward to sharing the results with you. I will be documenting the entire process and sharing it in mini video course.

Planning Broadcasts

So now your all set up and your profile is optimized its now time to think about planning some great content for your broadcasts! You should view Periscope broadcasts just like any other kind of content and work them in as regular feature of your content plan. Here are some basic ideas to inspire you to get started:

Interview A Colleague/Client:

Two people talking live in person on periscope makes for captivating viewing. If your broadcasting on behalf of a brand or organisation – it would be a great idea to interview a colleague. You can talk about their job title, why they chose to do that job and any forecasts or predictions for your industry.  You can also do short broadcasts with a client if they agree, this is great as it shows how you actually work and engage with people.

Stream A Live Event:

If your attending any kind of seminar or event, you can take a walk around and show other people in your industry – what is happening there. Its also cool to stream a Talk (like your local TED), its great as it gives other people the chance to be there with you and all you can build your own credibility simply by being associated with the event! You could even combine this with the first idea and interview friends and peers you run into from the industry! You can be forgiven for not using full blown lighting but still use a lapel mic so your voice can be heard clearly!


Show Your Product Being Made:

If you run a cake shop or something similar – you can show how your product is made from fresh ingredients and the love and attention that goes into the production process! People love to watch these kind of things, you can also add in some hints and tips along the way! You even do a live QA as well, answering questions as you go through the process! Again wear a lapel mic and do not worry about the lighting rig (if its not practical) – people will expect it to be a bit rough and ready!

Give A Bite Sized Tutorial:

Live streaming is really about giving value – not just broadcasting for marathon lengths of time! 5 minutes is a good amount of time to get one idea across. I believe 1 actionable point is better value than 10 vaguely described ones.


I hope you have found this introduction useful, I will be following this up later in the week with some more tips on how to get people into your broadcasts, following you and explaining a little more about Periscope in general. I have been Gary O’Toole with Sociocaster – have a great week and I’ll see you then!



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