If your working within the digital space – your skills are your greatest asset and your time is your greatest resource. Time is the most democratically distributed resource on earth. We all have the same amount of hours in the day, whether we are Mark Zuckerberg or a 12 year old kid learning how to build their first website. As business owners / freelancers we all have a choice to make – will we maximise our time or will we waste our time?

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The people who succeed are the ones who work smart, the ones use their time to produce the most value for them. Successful people have certain habits, which allow them to achieve more than the average person – sometimes in less time! Lets start by looking at 3 things which successful people do in order to “Hack” time.  A “Hack” is simply a smarter way of doing something:

  • Plan
  • Prioritize
  • Delegate

Earlier this month we covered how to create an awesome content plan  (click the link to find out how!) and discussed the importance of planning. Someone who has a solid content plan, knows in advance, what they are doing and when. Knowing what you are going to create, and when is a much more effective use of time, than spending time deciding what you are going to do every time you need to create content. Planning in advance gives you the ability to pick up resources and do research in advance – again this means creating the content can be done in a more efficient fashion, when the time comes.


When it comes to content creation, to succeed you have to see it as priority and set aside the appropriate block of time. To create high quality content you need focus and be prepared. At lot people realize that content marketing is crucial to their overall digital marketing strategy, but still see the actual creation of content as an unimportant task.  If you are going to build authority online – you need to create quality content.  As I said in my content planning post earlier this month it is better to be consistent and post smaller amounts of quality content, than over commit – post poor quality content, become overwhelmed after a few weeks and give up all together!


I understand that in some cases if your business is very busy, you may not have time to create content. What does this mean? Does it mean you should skip content creation all together? Definitely not! If you are personally too busy to create content, you need to delegate the task. When I say the word delegate,to some people it conjures up images of using unpaid Interns and volunteers.


I have worked with many business owners who were keen on using an Interns and unpaid workers and the results are not great. The current generation of teenagers and 20 some things, have grown up immersed with technology – they are digital natives.Its not the age that is the problem, there are many teenagers with thriving businesses and heading up successful start ups. I personally believe that entrusting important jobs to unpaid staff is a fast track to failure.


Quality content production is a time consuming process, if you pay nothing the results will be poor. If you pay at least a basic wage to your intern or junior worker they will feel valued, be able to enjoy their own life more and commit to creating quality content. It is not realistic to expect someone to work for free and get a quality service in return.  The suitability of interns for content creation, really depends on your industry. Many young women in the beauty niche have huge independent followings and massive engagement, so obviously someone like that would ideal for creating the blog content for a beauty brand as they know how to talk to their audience and keep them interested. On the other hand it would be very hard for a 17 year old intern to keep a blog aimed at high flying lawyers or brain surgeons interested.

Ideally it is better to delegate the content creation process to someone with more real world experience, who can draw on previous professional scenarios and provide live case studies. If you have the budget,  I recommend hiring a part time dedicated team member or outsourcing to a professional expert writer.

So we have looked a few ways we can optimize our time to make the content production process, quicker and easier. One problem still remains – how do we create content that is suitable for each of the different platforms we intend distribute our content on? Personally I use the following platforms (Type of content in brackets):

  1. Twitter – Sharing Blogs & Direct Messaging/Networking With Industry Peers & Prospects
  2. Facebook Pages – Sharing Blog Posts & Video Content
  3. Linkedin – Short Blog Posts
  4. WordPress – Blog Posts & Long Form Content
  5. Youtube – Tutorials & Hangouts
  6. Periscope – Live Tips, Tricks & Advice (Starting in 2016)

It would be impossible for me to create unique content for each of this platforms all of the time, I just simply would not have time. Some people like to get up at 5am and work until 11pm, 7 days a week and it does get them amazing results – its not possible for all of us.

I personally like to work about 6 – 8 hours a day, I have in the past done 12 – 16 hour days – but found it was counter productive. I  have a very set routine, that I always stick to and particular methods of doing things that enable me meet my own productivity goals within my daily working hours.

At heart I am a entrepreneur and I have my fingers in a few pies, but I treat each of my roles as a regular job – whether I am working on my own projects, collaborating or as hired gun.  I can not stress enough that creating content creation needs to be taken as seriously as any other task you undertake in business. I know a lot of business owners think its all a waste of time – some clients have said things like “blogging does not make me sales”, my answer is no blogging might not always create instant sales but if set up correctly, you can get people in your sales funnel instantly.


The Secret Special Sauce

The secret special sauce to executing a multi platform content marketing campaign with success is re-purposing content. The idea is that we spend less time creating the content and more time promoting it. I have read in various corners of the internet some people believe we should tweet each post once – I am going to go on record and say I think that is rubbish! Obviously if a piece of content is time sensitive there is a limited amount of time to that message out, but if you focus on creating evergreen content (which you can from time to time update to keep it evergreen), you can effectively push this content – monthly, even weekly if its a truly great piece.
At the end of the day what is the point spending six hours writing a 2000 word blog post if you tweet it once and and 2 people read it? If you tweet and share it weekly over time that number will grow into 100s if not 1000s of views. I would also recommend going back over previous posts and tweaking the titles. I am not always a big fan of the internet marketing style headlines like:

Do You Recognize the 3 Early Warning Signs of Getting  Your Facebook Ads Account Banned?

It goes against my general feeling about how, headlines should be natural and not so cheesy! However strong my gut feeling is about this, I am wrong because these kind of headlines do get the clicks! If you are struggling to think of engaging headlines invest in a tool like Headlinr or something similar. Tools like this use a database of headlines proven to get the clicks, the results can be a bit “computerfied” but with a bit of common sense and tweaking, you will find endless inspiration.

So before we look at how to re-purpose your content lets quickly look at the immediate benefits:

  • Extend Your Reach – More Platforms, More Shares On A Regular Basis = More Eyes On Your Content And More Engagement
  • SEO Benefits – If You Are Posting, Using The Same Keywords Frequently And Re-Purposing Your Content Across Many Platforms, Multiple Times – Your Building Some Quality Relevant Back-Links!
  • Reinforce Your Message – It Is Generally Accepted That People Need To Hear An Idea Seven Times Before It Is Accepted.(Read About The Rule Of Seven Here)
  • Multiple CTA Placements – If You Split A Long Post Into 10 Smaller Ones You Can Place 10 x The Amount of Calls To Action In The Posts!
  • Uses Existing Resources – Using What You Already Have Is Obviously Quicker And Easier Than Creating Something From Scratch. For Example You Could Take 10 quality 2000 Word Blog Posts And Release An Ebook! Think How Long it Would Take To Write A 20k Word Book!

stacked books with a tablet on top

10 Ways To Repurpose Your Content

  1. Split It Up

Split long posts into smaller posts. For Example this post is about 2000 words long – it could be broken down into 4 smaller 500 word posts, 10 200 word articles or we could just pull certain sections out of it and post them like this top 10 list for example!

2.  Create Slideshows

I could take this top 10 and make it into a slideshow which would give us a piece of video content. Video traffic is growing at an insane rate with 80% of all traffic set to be video by the end of 2016.

3.  Do A Talking Head Presentation

Again you could I could take this top ten and re-purpose it as a talking head video, where I go through each point by simply talking to the camera! This is great for injecting a bit of realness and humanity into your content!

4.  Design An Info-graphic

If your content has some interesting statistics or if statistics play a big role in the message your trying to get across, design an info-graphic and get the message across in a visually stimulating and captivating way.

5.  Revisit And Update Posts

Revisit any older posts and make sure all the facts, statistics, links and information is still relevant! Once you have done an edit simply push to your platforms again! Maybe change a picture here and there so it looks up to date and inline with the current design trends.

6. Repost & Reshare

One thing that is great with older posts, is if they have encouraged a debate or further discussion in the comments – reposting and resharing the post can create even more engagement!

7. Repost On Q & A Sites Like Yahoo or Quora

You can take snippets of your content and post them as answers to questions on Yahoo or Quora. You can always include a link back to the orginal post and drive some traffic as well!

8. Host A Webinar/Hangout/Periscope

Live video is growing fast – so why not do a live video session and build up some quickfire engagement answering peoples questions. Periscope is a great tool as you can literally build up a very lively stream – fairly quickly, all you need to do is make people are its going to be happening in advance, twitter is the place to do this. I will doing more on periscope in another post.

9. Put Together A Series Of Auto-responders

You can break down your articles into a series of auto-responder emails. This is an awesome hands free way to encourage people to visit your main site/offer time and time again. It also builds your brand authority and gets your name to stick in their mind. If your on any kind of internet marketers mailing list you know what I mean. After you have received a message from someone several times – it kind of starts to feel like your familiar with them! If you have already written some good content this fantastically simple way to build up the rapore you need to make people want to start the conversation, that will eventually lead to sales.

10. Compile Blog Posts In To Book

As I said earlier one of the best things you can do is take your top posts and with a little editing you can compile them into a book! You can either print this and give it to prospects as a free gift, use it as lead magnet for your email list or even publish and sell it on Amazon!

I have been Gary O’Toole with Sociocaster, I hope you found this post useful and I will be back on Friday with another video – this time looking at how to find high quality, royalty free images to use in your posts! Until then have a great productive week and I will see you then!


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