A Facebook fan page with a large number of likes is an incredibly powerful tool for any business. With such a resource under your belt, you’ll be able to reach out and communicate with a huge number of people in a manner that’s very quick and very simple. What’s more, you’ll be able to communicate through a range of mediums – whether you want to share an image, a video or a link. And because Facebook is built on top of real-world social networks, that media can spread like wildfire leading to more exposure for your brand and even more likes for your page…

But just how exactly do you get to that point? How do you go from having zero likes, to building a huge legion of followers who will help you spread the word and grow your organization? Let’s take a look at some of the best strategies you can employ…

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Invite Your Friends

Not just your Facebook friends – your real friends. The more people join your Facebook page, the more popular your business will look and the more your growth will accelerate with time.

While your friends won’t count as leads then, having them like your page will help to give you that initial boost in numbers that will contribute to continued growth. It’s like a chef getting their friends to eat at their new restaurant so that it looks popular…

Add Your Page as Your Place of Employment

Keeping the focus on ‘real world contacts’ for now, you can also encourage more people who know you to join up by adding your Facebook page as your place of employment. This way, anyone who adds you on Facebook might stumble upon your Facebook page while they’re looking you up.

Add a Link to Your Homepage

If you have a website, then this provides you with an ideal platform for getting more people to like your Facebook page. Add your like button right in the sidebar in the form of a widget and that way, anyone who enjoys reading content on your website can make the decision to connect through Facebook to see more.

Keep Up the High Quality Posts!

This tip won’t bring you overnight success but it’s nevertheless the single most important part of your Facebook strategy.

Ask yourself: why do people ‘like a Facebook page’?

Normally, it’s because they want to see more of the content that it posts. So, if they visit your page and there isn’t lots of good content there, you won’t be giving them any incentive to hit like.

Moreover, if you post lots of good quality links and images, you’ll find more of them get shared and liked by your existing fans which means they bring in more new visitors.

The core of any business or any aspect of a business, should be to deliver quality. This is how you deliver quality through your Facebook page.

Share Posts With Great Titles

Linking to a post on your website or blog? Then make sure it has a great title. This is very important because a lot of the time, users click ‘like’ or ‘share’ before they’ve even actually read the article. What do they use to inform this action? The title.

The kinds of titles that get shared are the descriptive ones that are aimed at a very specific segment of your audience. When you write posts like that, they grab attention and people feel an emotional response that they can act on in an impulse.

And Great Images…

Of course the same is also true for your images. A great image can be even more effective at grabbing attention than a great title and people will often like your posts if they like the picture, regardless of what the content is like!

This also applies to the image you chose for the profile picture and the cover image of your Facebook page. These again help you to grab attention and they also frame the context of your page. If you want people to like your page, it will help if they also like the image.

If you want to create any type of images easily, try YouZign! It’s the only graphic creation app that integrated with Sociocaster.

Use Facebook Ads

If you have money to invest into your marketing, then there are worse ways to spend it than buying some facebook ads. Facebook ads are particularly effective because they let you use CPA or ‘Cost Per Action’. This means that you pay only when someone takes action – by liking your page for instance.

Talk About It

If you have a YouTube channel, then you can use this to talk about your Facebook page. Tell people in your videos why they should follow you on Facebook and highlight some of the exciting content you’ve shared there in the past.

Don’t have a YouTube channel? Then how about messaging your e-mail subscribers? Or maybe you could talk about it in the body of your article (to ‘see more content like this, be sure to like us on Facebook!’).

The point is that it’s not very effective to simply post a link to your Facebook page and then hope people click it. Draw attention to it by actively talking about it and promoting it as you would do any other type of business.


Did you know you can accept Facebook likes via SMS? Just text 32665 (FBOOK) with ‘fan your user name’ or ‘like you user name’. This can be very useful in situations where you can’t use a hyperlink – for instance if you’re speaking in front of a live audience, or using Live Streaming apps.

Use the Tag

If you use the @ symbol followed by a username or even another Facebook page, then your post will appear on their page.

This is a very useful way for you to get the attention of that user or company and thereby to gain direct access to new fans. A great choice for influencer marketing for example.

At the same time though, using tags can also be a good way to gain exposure to the audience of that user. Tag a popular fan page in your comment and anyone on their page at the time will then see that message and potentially follow through to see your brand.

Cross Pollinate

When it comes to social media, the important maxim to keep in mind is: ‘be everywhere’. In other words, you should have accounts with all the big social networks from Facebook, to Twitter, to Google+ to LinkedIn.

This not only gives people more ways to find you by creating more ‘in roads’ but it also allows for some synergistic marketing. Make sure that you promote your Facebook page on Twitter and vice versa. True fans will follow you on as many different channels as you post to!

Buy Likes

Buying likes is an immediate and fool-proof way to increase your number of followers. Is it worth the money? Partly that depends on how the likes have been sourced.

Really though, the point of buying likes is the same as getting your real-world friends to like your page: it inflates your numbers thereby making your page look more appealing.

Use the Facebook Commenting System

If you haven’t yet committed to a commenting system for your blog or website, consider using the Facebook comments plugin option. This way, it will be compatible with your fan page and any comments posted on your articles or blog posts will be automatically shared to your Facebook page!

Respond to Comments

Remember, social media is primarily a communication tool. In other words, this isn’t just a foghorn for you to use to broadcast your message. Instead, you should see it as a two way communication that you can use to respond to comments, answer questions and more. Facebook also shows visitors how long you take to answer messages on average – which means people will be more likely to want to interact with you.

Use QR Codes

Another way to get people to follow you on Facebook when you can’t use a link, is to give them a QR code. These can be placed on flyers or business cards and will offer a fun and interactive way for users to discover your page. QR codes never quite caught on to the extent some people thought they might, but they still have a place in your marketing.

Click here to create your own QR code absolutely free.

Use Video

Remember when we said that images were better at grabbing attention than text posts? Well videos are even more effective! The moving image is great for catching the eye and then keeping it transfixed! You don’t have to be Steven Spielberg either – just create a slideshow with some narration in PowerPoint.

Have a Great Blog

Posting great quality content to Facebook will directly attract people to your page by showing that you deliver excellent quality there. But at the same time, you should also make sure that the posts you upload to your website and to your other social accounts is of a similarly high quality. This is important because it will have a knock-on effect on the way people view your Facebook page. If people are fans of your site, they’ll be more likely to be fans of your Facebook page.

Create a Strong Brand

That last point only works though if you have a strong brand. A strong brand means that you stay on topic, that you have a recognizable logo and that you maintain a certain standard across everything you do. All this will ensure that people can become fans of your business as a whole, as opposed to just liking individual posts.

Use Facebook Insights

Key to improving any element of internet marketing is to keep an eye on your stats. In this case, that means using Facebook insights to track the growth of your page and to see which of your posts is performing the best. By doing this, you can then identify precisely what’s working for you and what isn’t, thereby improving the efficiency of your social media activities.

Post Often

We talked about posting quality already. What’s also important though, is to post quantity. In fact, if you have a completely ‘dead’ Facebook page, then this is almost worse than having no Facebook page at all! Make sure you keep posting regularly so that there’s a steady stream of content and plenty of opportunity for people to discover you. And this way, no one will question whether you’re still in business!

Use Sociocaster

If you’re struggling to post regularly, then you can use Sociocaster , Buffer or Hootsuite in order to ‘schedule’ posts. That means you can write 500 posts in one day and then have one posted each day for 500 days!


IFTTT is another great tool for social media. This stands for ‘If This, Then That’ and it allows you to set up complex relationships between your social accounts and web apps. For instance, you can set up your WordPress to post automatically to your Facebook page but only when you use a certain tag.

Run Events and Competitions

There are all kinds of events and promotions you can run through a Facebook page. You can promise to offer a discount if you get X amount of likes for example, or you can create a campaign for ‘Fan of the Month’. These can motivate your existing followers to go out and get you more likes and they also increase engagement and activity around your brand.

Create a Short URL

Another way to make it easier for people to like your page is to create a short URL. Facebook lets you create a professional URL while tools like bit.ly let you shorten this yet further. This way, people don’t have to remember or type long strings to find your page.

Build Links to Your Page

You can get more people to find your Facebook page by using many of the same techniques you use to promote a website. For instance, build up your backlinks profile by submitting to web directories and writing guest posts!

Those are just a few of the different methods you can use to start bringing more traffic to your Facebook page. If you have any more ideas, then be sure to let us know in the comments section. And if you enjoyed this article, please don’t forget to like, share and subscribe!

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