Are you struggling to find great content for your social media channels that will get you likes and shares? Sometimes it can seem like you have to spend hours trawling the web to find interesting things to share and this is a thankless task if your posts then fall on deaf ears.

Sociocaster changes all that and makes it incredibly easy to search through relevant content and identify the things that are going to really work for you and potentially go viral. All you have to do is hit share on the items you like, edit them with the powerful editing software if you wish and then come back tomorrow to do the same again.


The result? Amazing, high quality and truly sharable posts added to your social media account daily with barely any work on your part. Your likes and shares will go through the roof and you’ll build a gigantic audience and market for your products and services.

Watch below video to watch 3 minutes tour of Sociocaster :

The Power of Sociocaster

Viral videos are something of the Holy Grail when it comes to marketing. A viral video is a video that is so sharable and so entertaining that it gets shared millions of time around the world. This all happens on a completely natural and organic basis. In other words, once you’ve posted that content, people can’t help but share it and it spreads like wild fire throughout your network.

You upload the video and then someone sees it…

They ‘like’ or ‘share’ it and then their friends see it…

They like or share it and then their friends see it…

And so it goes until it has spread like an alien virus across the web and everyone is talking about it.

Quite often this happens for random cat videos and inane music videos… but imagine if it could happen for videos promoting your brand?

With Sociocaster it can – and it’s really easy.

What is Sociocater?

Sociocaster is a web application which has two main features:

1) Helping you to find sharable and highly viral content

2) Allowing you to manage unlimited Facebook and Twitter accounts through one simple and straightforward interface

But it also does a lot more…

Content Discovery and Management

By using keywords, you can easily search through all kinds of social media and Flickr at once in order to find content that is hot right now and that is perfectly designed to go viral.

This can most easily be described as a ‘social media search engine’ and if you ever struggle to think of what content you should add to your site for your followers, then you’ll understand just how potentially valuable this is.

When you find this content, you’ll be able to see social indicators for that media across a range of different platforms. That means you can see comments, likes and shares across platforms in order to see which content is already doing well and which is probably going to skyrocket next.

Then you simply share this content on your own platform and watch as your own likes, shares and subscribes go through the roof.

It’s like a direct line to amazing content for your social media channels and it ensures you can keep generating fantastic posts.

Spying on Your Competitors

Sociocaster makes it super easy to spy on your competitors’ social media activities. This way you can see what they’re doing to succeed in your niche and you can make sure that you stay constantly one step ahead.

Moreover though, looking at what your competitors are doing is the easiest way to find relevant content that you can share on your own platform.

Once you find something interesting using the platform, all you have to do is to click share and add your comments. You can then post directly across your multiple social accounts, schedule it (Buffer style) or save it for later.


Better yet, Sociocaster also allows you to use a built-in image editor to very quickly and effectively alter images to better suit your brand and your objectives.

You can even easily grab content from other websites while browsing the web that you can then share through Sociocaster with your network.

Account Management


Even if you’re just uploading a status update, Sociocaster makes the process faster, easier and more effective than it otherwise would be. You’ll be able to choose precisely which counts you want to post to or share to multiple posts at once. You’ll have full control over how your posts appear on each channel (a feature missing on some other social apps) and you’ll also be able to queue your posts to arrive in sequence.

Sociocaster even lets you create spreadsheets that can automate your social media campaign so that the whole thing runs itself while you sleep. You can also add multiple accounts for different users and respond directly to comments from within the Sociocaster app.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that Sociocaster is the most feature rich and powerful tool for managing your social media campaign on the web today. Not only is it perfect for managing and switching between multiple accounts but it also allows you to find the very best content for your accounts and share it with the click of a mouse.

Here’re the complete list of Sociocaster’s features :

  • Find popular topics on Twitter by keyword, and filter by number of retweets & favorites
  • Find all related Facebook fanspage by keyword and grab latest content, and sort fanpages by number of likes/talking about
  • Find videos from Youtube by keyword, and filter by number of views,likes,dislikes & comments
  • Find pictures from Flickr by keyword
  • Read streams from any RSS and 12 social media feeds: twitter, facebook page, youtube, StumbleUpon, G+,Delicious, Pinterest, Flickr,LastFM,Dribble,DeviantArt, and Tumblr.
  • All search results can be saved to Content Box (our online repository) for future post, or post directly to one or more social accounts
  • Saved Image can be edited using Powerful Online Image Editor.
  • Bookmarklet : easily add any external resources (pictures, urls, or any status messages) from anywhere on the internet.
  • Easily post/schedule any text status, image or link directly to single or multiple social accounts at once.
  • Advanced Link share system for Facebook: custom picture, link name, description & link caption
  • Import & schedule bulk content from an excel file.
  • Create scheduled posts from content box
  • Read number of likes, comments, retweet & favorites directly from UI
  • Reply to Facebook comments directly
  • Team Collaboration: allows more than one person to manage social accounts as a team
  • Smart Inbox: read & reply messages from Fanspage inbox & twitter accounts notification/direct message

Social media really is worth your time and effort. When done well it can give you a huge reach and a massive audience that you are able to directly interact with. It’s multimedia and not reliant on changing algorithms and it has the potential to let you go ‘viral’ and take the web by absolute storm.

But that doesn’t mean you want to spend hours staring at the screen finding things to post and carefully uploading them when you could be doing other things.

Click here to give Sociocaster a go for FREE, and see just how easy it can be to quickly search through the best content on the web and share it with your network at the click of a button. This is the start of something truly great for your social media marketing campaign.

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