In past few years you have probably heard a lot about Facebook Ads.

First came the whole Teespring/Facebook Ads formula. Teespring is all about making it super easy for anyone who had a design for a T-shirt to get it sold, printed and shipped. The concept is simple all you need to do was:

  • Create A Cool T-Shirt Design
  • Upload The Design
  • Send Traffic/Buyers

Teespring take care of everything else such as:

  • Hosting The Sales Page
  • Processing The Order
  • Printing The T-shirt
  • Shipping The T-shirt

It basically uses a hybrid formula of crowd-funding (a certain amount of T-shirts need to be purchased prior to the printing starting) and social media for promoting the Teespring campaigns.


For Charity/Natural disaster campaigns – no paid advertising would really be required as it would spread virally and through press outlets and social media influencers providing free exposure.

Twitter hash tags also play a major part in the success of charity campaigns. The Twitter audience are one of the most socially and politically aware groups online, so these charity and special causes always receive a high amount of engagement.

So you have this platform which basically allows you to run a T-shirt business, virtually hands free and all you need to do is create designs people want and send traffic. This was an internet marketers dream!

Selling Physical products has been a market that continued to expand year on year and shows no signs of slowing down.  So how does relate to Facebook Ads?

Well According to Statista  Facebook has over 1 Billion monthly active users. Facebook presents you with an unprecedented opportunity to put your advert in front of a very large but tightly focussed audience. At the peak of the Teespring/Facebook trend you were able to target people by name! A few smart marketers figured out that personalised t-shirts with peoples names/professions on were a big hit and created huge conversions. For a time it was that simple:

  • Create T-shirt With A Popular Name
  • Upload To Teespring
  • Create Targeted Facebook Ad
  • Drive Traffic
  • Make Sales
  • Get Paid

Personally I could not think of anything worse than a T-shirt with my name on it, but it just goes to show that personal taste has little place in business sometimes. If I could back in time and cash in on this trend early, I definitely would! Unfortunately by the time I had figured this out Facebook had removed the ability to target names and the market was totally saturated.


However Teespring have reported that in 2014:

  • It Sold More Than 6 Million T-shirts
  • It Had Hundreds Of Customers Who Banked More Than $100K Profit
  • At least 10 Customers Who Became Millionaires

In 2015 nearly everyone in Internet Marketing had realised that there was a massive opportunity to sell physical products using Facebook Ads. A ton of course came out, attempting to cash in on Teesprings wild growth of 2014 and a few more ambitious and innovative marketers realised that Facebook could be used to sell almost any kind of physical product.

Shopify was the trend of 2015 and a ton more courses focussing on a Shopify/Facebook Ads method came out.  Put simply this method was:

  • Find Cheap & Popular Products On 1) ebay 2) Amazon 3) Chinese Sites Like Ali Express
  • Create A Shopify Store
  • Populate Your Store Using Details & Product Images From Above Sites
  • Create FB Advert To Drive Traffic
  • Take Payment & Order
  • Pay For Product From Supplier And Get Them To Drop Ship To Customer
  • Keep Difference In Price As Profit

There were some cool variations such as making an offer where the product was free and the buyer just paid $9.99 shipping. After buying the product for $1 (free shipping) and paying FB for the click (say $1), Store owners were making $7.99 profit. $8 profit does not sound like much but some of them were doing thousands of sales.

How does $7999 sound for copying an pasting a few orders? 

The order processing could be outsourced to a Virtual Assistant to work on for a few hours a day, so all you have to do is focus on finding new products and  refining your Facebook Ads to create maximum conversions.

Case Study: Joseph Nogucci – Online Jewellers & Manufacturer

Online Jewellers Joeseph Nogucci has experienced amazing success using Facebook Ads. When they started their campaigns they had some very clear aims which were:

  • Get Its Products Noticed
  • Drive Traffic To Their Website
  • Use Custom And Lookalike Audiences To Grow Customer Base
  • Targeting Female,18 – 54,  Interested In Fashion, North America & Other English Speaking Territories
Building an audience on Facebook has helped us gauge the popularity of new designs before we even put them into production. We can put up a sketch of a new design and see customer feedback to help us decide how many units to purchase and what demographics to target. This has been key to ensuring successful product launches and increasing online sales.
Luca Daniel Lavorato, Co-Founder and Director of Operations, Joseph Nogucci
This company found that being able to get their product in front of their ideal demographic and being able to interact with them has brought them massive success. They use promoted posts on a regular basis to drive traffic to their website, targeting individuals who have expressed interest in fashion and jewellery.
Here are a few of their stats – with 7x ROI its not suprising 80% of their overall (not just digital) marketing budget is designated to Facebook.
As well driving traffic and sales directly they have a Facebook Fanpage (check it here) with 240K fans – this sizeable fan base allows them to assess the popularity of designs before they are even released! Its also a great way to build up anticipation with pre orders. Facebook truely is a digital marketing powerhouse!
Facebook Video Ads
So just in case you have missed it 80% of web traffic this year will be video traffic. Over the past year Facebook has been having a massive push to go head to head with Youtube. Facebook wants its users and advertiser to upload their videos directly to Facebook. In some ways this is much better as it looks more professional and you do not have Youtube branding and other peoples videos popping after your video is finished.
According to Comscore, 64% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video about it. I personally love to watch a few reviews or least like to see the product being used! It provides so much more information than an image and text ever could. Its the closest thing currently available that matches the experience of being in a physical store and handling the good!

Facebook Video Ads Will Get You More Leads & More Sales!

Here are few ideas of how you could use Facebook Video Ads:

  • A Brand Introduction Video
  • Give A Quick Tutorial
  • Build An Email List (Give A Lead Magnet)
  • Product Demonstration
  • Product Unboxing
  • Prototype Demonstration
  • Introduce Yourself & Your People
  • Make An Announcement
  • Raise Awareness For A Charity Your Brand Backs

Quite simply there are a lot of options available and the best thing about all of this is that Facebook Ads are:

  • Easy To Produce (Or commission)
  • Easy To Set Up
  • Very Cheap To Run

I set up a very simple advert this morning to run as I wrote this blog post just as a proof of concept. I am the first to admit the results are not mind blowing but they are real and this ad has only been running for 3 hours! The is a test advert is for a new a community and learning resource for:

  • Entrepeneurs
  • Business Owners
  • Creatives
  • Freelancers

Who wish to learn about how to do digital marketing themselves for their business. Its called One Vs Zero Campus. I am still in the early stages of this project – so I put this advert together to look at how many people it would reach, what percentage of people would engage with and watch the video and how much each view would cost. I put a call to action on there to ask them to like the page if they were interested in finding out more. I felt a page like is not asking them to commit to much – I am not asking for an email signup as without a lead magnet in place I feel its too much commitment. At this stage this is just research.


How My Advert Appears

Above you can see how my advert appears in the Facebook news feed on both desktop and mobile. Below you can watch my advert to get a feel for what kind of thing you could put together yourself:

Its not going to win any film awards for sure – but it gets the point across and I believe it looks professional.  Overall it composes of three elements:

  • A Script – Written By Me
  • A Voice Over – Recorded By A Professional Voice Over Artist
  • Stock Footage

Its definitely not perfect but overall it was very cheap to make. I would of preferred to be able to of used footage from my own country but as I elected to use stock footage (From Videoblocks) – I found the better material was USA focussed. As I used American stock footage I decided to go with an American voice artist, I found her on Fiverr and it cost me $5.

I edited it all together using Adobe Premier. I appreciate not everyone has the skills to create a video themselves – the great news is there are plenty of freelancers on fiverr who could help you create something similiar (or better!) very cheaply. So below is my formula for creating a video using outsourcing:

  • Find A Competitors Video – Analyse The Script And Replicate It (Customize It For Your Brand)
  • Pick Some Stock Clips Out & Download
  • Visit Fiverr Pick A Voice Artist & Send Script
  • Write In A Text File The Order You Want The Clips To Appear & How It Should Sync With The Video
  • When You Have The Voice Over Back Pick A Video Editor
  • Send Them Your Voice/Video & Music Track + Text File
  • Work With Them Until You Are Satisfied With The End Result

I believe music is highly important as it really connects with people, effects their emotions and makes them take action! You must ensure your music is royalty free – otherwise you will get your advert banned pretty fast! Do not be tempted to use PLR music packs – these are filled with extremely poorly produced “cheap” sounding music that would be more at home as hold music, than setting the scene to win you new customers!

I recommend using its not the cheapest but they do have some high quality producers and a wide selection of genres to create any mood! Another alternative would be to hit and contact a few producers and ask them if they would be happy to lease you a track for a nominal fee.

As someone who worked in the music industry for a number of years – I can tell you that more music is produced every day than will ever be listened to let alone released! This is great as it means you can definitely find high quality music without paying a high fee.

Setting Up The Facebook Video Advert:

Now you have a video advert created, its time to upload it to Facebook!

Step 1 : Click Create Advert.


Step 2: Click Get Video Views


Step 3: Select Your Page & Name Your Campaign


Step 4: Click Set Audience & Budget


Step 5: Enter Who You Want To Target


For Best Results Try To Keep The Audience Definition At 12 O’Clock Mixing Broad Ages / Sexes  With Multiple Countries (Same Language) And Then Add 2 – 3 Very Specific Interests.

Step 6: Set Budget – For Testing I Use $1/$5/$10 And Scale Up Depending On Results. 


Step 7: Upload Video (Make Sure You Detick Instagram & Right Hand Display)


Fill In The Text Section With A CTA (IE: Like This Page)

Step 8: Relax And Await Approval! This Can Be From A Few Minutes Up To A Few Hours – Niche Depending.

Ok so there you go, that is a basic introduction on how to create and upload a Facebook Video Ad that will bring you very cheap highly targeted views! Check out my results from today:


$0.01 Per View To My Target Audience

With Optimization It Is Possible To Reach $0.0001!


In just a few hours I have reached 48 people who would never of heard of my business and 21 of them have watched my promotional video and its cost me $0.14.  This was just a test campaign is not optimized in any way at at all – my budget is set to $1. This research tells me its worth scaling this up, spending time writing a better CTA , building a landing page and putting more money behind it.

I am sure if I ran this (and variations of) kind of video for a month I would get a decent amount of signups. I will report back you once I run this advert for real.

I have been Gary O’Toole with Sociocaster and I hope you have found this introduction useful! I hope it inspires to start playing with Facebook Ads and seeing what works and what does not work for you!

I’ll be back on Friday with an exclusive feature length video on something I am sure you will find very interesting – stay tuned to find out what it is!

Have A Great Week :)

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