Have you ever seen an interesting video on Facebook and you want to download it?

How do you download the video?
Well, if you haven’t known yet the way to download a video on Facebook, here is the way

1. Open the video you want to download
Facebook is not a social channel that special to share video. Besides, video on Facebook is usually used to grab other users intention or just as a supporting content. That is why video on Facebook is more likely shorter than the video in Youtube.




2. Change the URL
For example this is the video URL you want to download:

Change the “www” to “m” like this :



Now, play the video in mobile version.



3. Save the video
Right click on the video, then click “Save video as”. Decide the folder to save it and also the name of the video.
Those are very easy steps, aren’t they? You do not have to install a software or whatsoever, just follow those steps correctly and voila! The video is successfully downloaded.

Have a nice try

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