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12 February 2016

Build A Community Around Your Brand Using Facebook Groups

Hi its Gary O’Toole here with Sociocaster! In this weeks video – I introduce you to the power of Facebook Groups and how you can use them to grow your business! I provide 4 practical ideas and 1 bonus power tip on how to you can use other peoples groups to grow your business hands free on autopilot! I hope you will find this post useful and I will be back next Monday demoing some awesome new features the Sociocaster Dev team have been working hard on!

Have A Great Weekend,

Gary O’Toole

30 December 2015

10 Tips To Maximise Your Social Media Marketing Results In 2016

Ok, so this is it – lets do this! Its my final post of 2015 and if your anything like me (and if your reading this I suspect we have a few things in common) you cannot wait for 2016 to begin, so you can start moving forward with your plans for the new year.  I personally have a lot of great stuff in the pipeline such as:

  • Growing This Blog & Reaching Out To As Many People As Possible, As Sociocaster Ambassador
  • A Content Creation Master Class Course (In Collaboration With Adi &  Sociocaster)
  • Publishing My First Book  (On Social Media)
  • Launching A Bespoke Physical Product Import Business
  • Growing My Web Design & Digital Marketing Agency

Its a really exciting and busy time! Its been an interesting year for me,I have gone from working in house as Director of Digital Development for a physical record store and major UK/European online music/pro audio retailer & distributor, back to freelancing and finally back to founding an agency and becoming a business owner again.


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25 December 2015

5 Powerful Tips For Better Livestreaming Broadcasts On Periscope

Hi, Gary O’Toole here with Sociocaster! I am back today with our Friday video and this week, we are continuing on from our Wednesday Blog on Periscope. Here I give you 5 powerful tips for better broadcasts! Its a shorter video this week as I have been very busy finishing off various projects and updating clients – so busy in fact I put this together today, on Christmas afternoon whilst the Turkey is cooking! I can smell it now and can’t wait to eat!

Holiday & Seasons greetings to all of our buddies all over the world (whether you are celebrating Christmas or not!)- we hope you have a great day :)

Hope you find the video useful and watch out for our new tutorials, hints & tips  in 2016, we are committed to bringing you our best content yet!

Have A Great One,


23 December 2015

Introduction To Periscope For Live Video Streaming

Periscope is one of a number of Apps, that allow the user to broadcast a live stream directly from their mobile phone or tablet device. Competitors include Meerkat (which came first, Ustream & Livestream. I Have spent time experimenting with each App and I have found that, Periscope has the most vibrant (and rapidly growing) community. For reference purposes I have been using these Apps on an Android handset. The iOS version of Periscope has identical features, the only difference is that the layout is slightly different. We will focus on Android as according to our Google Analytics a majority of our readers are Android users too!


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