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25 January 2016

5 Top Twitter Tactics For Successful Local Marketing

In today’s blog we are going to be looking at what makes Twitter the ideal platform for local marketing
and 5 tips to ensure that you harness its power successfully.

One of the great things about Twitter is the fact that it is such a fast moving platform, in previous blog posts we have explored its usage for networking with others in your industry and how it can be used to provide excellent customer service. Today we will look at how to we can capitalize on this high speed social network to create successful local marketing campaigns.

Another great feature of Twitter is that it allows everyone to interact immediately with having to be connected as a follower! You can contact anyone immediately simply by giving them a mention, a mention is where you include their Twitter handle in your Tweet.


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20 January 2016

An Introduction To User Generated Content Creation Campaigns!

Are you tired and struggling to cope with an unrealistic content creation schedule? Do you often feel overwhelmed
by the sheer volume of content you are expected to produce to stay on par with your competitors? Well today I
have some great news – there is an alternative to creating it all yourself! No, I am not talking about outsourcing
it to someone on Fiverr! I am talking about an awesome technique that not only relieves the heavy burden of
non stop content creation, but also sends audience engagement soaring to new previously unseen heights!


Ok so what is this wonderous, hands free content creation strategy that is going to save you time and open up
huge dialogue with your target audience?

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18 January 2016

How To Analyze Your Competitors On Social Media!

I previously discussed that in our role as digital marketers, social media should now be fully aligned with our
businesses overall brand strategy. We are all active on social media and have multiple presences on the various
different platforms out there. Having a presence alone is not enough to guarantee success, so now is the time
to start to analyze which kinds of social media marketing techniques are working and which ones fail to yield
the required results.

Due to the low cost involved involved in entering social media marketing, too many brands just jump in and
and don’t have any real goals or strategies. Entering social media with no plan, can lead to damaging a
brand rather than growing or strengthening it. It is worth investing time and money in the planning stages
as in long run you will stand a much greater chance of getting the results that you desire! Its also
important to remember that social media is one of the most influencial ways to reach your desired demographic.

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21 December 2015

How To Grow Your Social Media Audience In 2016

Social Media is without doubt one of the most powerful tools in any marketer, entrepreneurs or small business owners arsenal. It allows to connect instantly with an interested audience in way that has never been possible at any point in history. Social Media is not a “build it an they will come” solution – like any other personal or business relationship, it takes time and effort to build up and maintain.

My #1 tip above all else is when you start to get followers and your audience starts to grow, make sure you are interacting with them on a regular basis and always take the time to answer every question and message with a personal reply – like, re-tweet and share their content too – this interaction is the foundation of your future success.

Invest in creating not just an audience but a community which is based around your Niche – be available to everyone and answer questions and help people as much as you can.

Always act professional, be friendly and helpful – even if people are asking what you perceive to be a stupid question, try your best to provide an answer or if it is too long or involved refer them to a place where someone will be able to help them (such as Quora/Reddit or a Forum).

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