One of the most important jobs in online marketing is to build your LIST. This LIST can be an email list, a specific Facebook users in a FB Group, Fanpage likes, Twitter followers, or a list of people’s names on any media that allows you to broadcast ‘permission-based’ messages to a specific group of people.

In this article, I’ll share a case study based on the work of a Sociocaster member who brought in 1,531 email subscribers and 7000+ new Fanpage likes in just 7 days. His name is Ichwan Ziyad, and he’s a Social Media Marketing Strategist who runs Kampus Umar Usman Fanpage – a Business School for entrepreneur in Jakarta, Indonesia.


Defining Target audience
The first step when creating any campaign is to know who are your target audience. If you don’t have one defined yet, read one of our blog post here:

So here’s our target audience for this case study :
1. Male / Female, over age 17
2. Has strong desire to become a successful entrepreneur
3. Graduate of High School or higher education

Ideally your target audience profile should match your Fanpage insight’s People profile.

To see your current Fanpage Insight, simply go to:[change_this_to_your_fanpage_url]/insights/?section=navPeople

Here’s how it looks, it shows your fans demographic profile :



Lead Magnet

The next step is to create something we call a ‘Lead Magnet’. This is super-important, as it will make or brake your social media campaign.

lead magnet is basically something that you’re using as an ethical bribe on your lead generation page to incentivize potential buyers to want to give you their name, email, phone number, address or whatever info it is that you’re asking for.

A lead magnet MUST be something that is attractive to your target audience. It can be an ebook, a free report, a discount, software trial, a physical product, or anything else that you can give them for FREE.

In this case study, Ichwan decided to use physical product as a lead magnet. He’s giving away 10 of the Best Selling Book about entreprenership – each worth $8. However, instead of giving each lead a free book, he created a simple sweepstakes contest. From all participants, 10 lucky people will get a free book.


Landing Page

Instead of creating fancy Landing Page, Ichwan creating a nice image, shown below:



Here’s breakdown of its elements:

  1. Main Offer:
    1. Lead Magnet : A Bundle of 10 of Bestselling Book on Entrepreneurship
    2. Big Title : 10 free Books for 10 lucky persons
    3. Call To Action : Share Now!
  2. Detailed Instructions to join Sweepstakes :
    1. Ask people to Like the fanpage
    2. Ask people to write comment
    3. Ask people to fill a registration form (link to a simple Socioplayer optin form)
    4. Ask people to share the post
  3. Your Logo and Contact number (optional)

Post the image with proper description at Fanpage.

Here’s the Socioplayer Optin form :


Watch this video tutorial if you don’t know how to create an Optin Form in Socioplayer:



Reach Optimization:

You want to make sure your post reaches as many people as possible so they can join the sweepstakes, and start commenting and sharing. You also want to send your post during ‘social hours’, that is, the time when your target audience is opening facebook. This might different for each target audience. In this case study, Ichwan sent the post at 9:00 am in the morning.

And here’s the result he got after 7 days:
1,531 email subscribers shown in Socioplayer statistics


A similar image was posted on different schedule. It resulted in 7,121 shares and 2,231 likes.


These results are 100% organic reach, a testament to the power of viral marketing, without paid advertising.

If you don’t have a big audience yet, here’re some additional tips you can do to get initial boost for your post:

  • Use Facebook Ad to target your audience
  • Tag relevant people or influencers
  • Share to your own Facebook groups
  • Share to relevant Facebook groups


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