In today’s blog we are going to be looking at what makes Twitter the ideal platform for local marketing
and 5 tips to ensure that you harness its power successfully.

One of the great things about Twitter is the fact that it is such a fast moving platform, in previous blog posts we have explored its usage for networking with others in your industry and how it can be used to provide excellent customer service. Today we will look at how to we can capitalize on this high speed social network to create successful local marketing campaigns.

Another great feature of Twitter is that it allows everyone to interact immediately with having to be connected as a follower! You can contact anyone immediately simply by giving them a mention, a mention is where you include their Twitter handle in your Tweet.


If your working on a marketing campaign for a local business you can harness the interactivity
of twitter to find and converse with local Twitter users.

With  79% of its 270 million user based accessing Twitter from a mobile device, Twitter is extremely popular with those on the go. This potent combination provides the ideal audience to for Tweeting out spontaneous “Flash” special offers!

If you unfamiliar with Twitter the best way to describe its concept is like an online “Cocktail Party” and anyone can listen or join in with others conversations. The same kind of rules apply as they would in a real life social networking situation:

  • People Who Speak Only About Themselves Do Gain Popularity (Very Boring!!!)
  • If You Just Joined It You Need To Spend Time Building Rapport With Other “Guests”
  • You Need To Pay Attention And Be In The Right Conversations At The Right Time

When you join Twitter as a local business its really important to pick a relevant handle. A Twitter handle is your Twitter screen name and it should be professional and represent you and your business in the way you would like to be portrayed. Shown below is an excellent example of how a local business profile on Twitter should look. The business is Shoreditch Grind, which is a legendary Expresso/Cocktail Bar just off Old Street round about, here in London.

Shoreditch Grind

Here you can see all of the most important information is prominently displayed:

  • A Logo That is Easy To Read & Is The Correct Dimensions
  • Relevant Cover Image
  • The Business Name
  • The Handle Is The Business Name (Making It Easy To Find!)
  • Business Description (Expresso Bar/Cocktail Bar/Kitchen/Recording Studio)
  • Business Hours
  • Location
  • Website Address

As I said earlier this profile is an excellent example of how a local business should appear on Twitter, it can serve as a template and can simply be copied and filled in with your businesses relevant information!

Once you have set up your businesses Twitter profile and it is looking like the example – the next stage is to find people to follow. I would advise that you ignore Twitters suggestions to follow Miley Cyrus or some random comedian or politician.  You should focus your efforts on finding and following as many local accounts as possible these could be:

  • Local People
  • Local Businesses
  • Local Community Projects
  • Local Land Marks
  • Local Artists
  • Local Musicians
  • Local Charities

Following the accounts with an a local interest will definitely generate you some followers back! Another tactic is search the hashtag for the area that you are based in and follow the people who are making the posts attached to the location hashtag!


As you can see in the screenshot above many people will tag posts with a particular geographic area, in this case #Shoreditch. This makes it easy to find people who live, work or like to hang out in a certain area. Many people are very passionate about their local area, so finding people to follow (and who will hopefully follow back) is pretty straight forward.

Its also highly recommended you hit up all of your existing contacts on Facebook, Linkedin and elsewhere who are based in the area you are targeting. If you explain to them you are launching a new local business profile – most people will follow you and lend you the support you need to get your profile showing the signs of life, that will encourage those you do not know to follow and engage with you!

Another great way to find people within a certain distance of your geographic location is to use Twitters own “Advanced Search” as shown below:

advanced search

You can access Twitter advanced search Clicking Here! You might like to book mark that page so you access it easily in future.  It is advisable to use your hashtag keywords as much as possible in your tweets so people who are looking to find your kind of business or service can find it easily!

Its also advisable to use Twitter advanced search to find people who share interests that are relevant to your business you can do this by using the “Words” section. Many people will include a particular passion, job or interest in their Twitter Bio section, so this makes it a lot easier for them to connect with relevant people, causes and businesses.

When I started building websites back in college in 1999 a lot of businesses dismissed the idea of having a website or any kind of internet presence. A lot of business owners would simply say what is the point of having a worldwide audience for a local bar or flower shop.

Thankfully the web has continued to develop and has since become an integral part of our every day lives – it is no longer the underground phenomenon it was back then! Now days virtually everyone is online and this has a resulted in a seismic shift in the Internets user base!

Web Audiences Have Transformed From Dozens Of Markets Of Millions To Millions of Markets of Dozens!

This shift has ensured that businesses have had to change their approach too! Since social media has taken its place in the world over the past decade – simply shouting general information out to huge untargeted audiences, no longer works! Consumers expect to be treated as individuals and want to receive information that is relevant to:

  • Them Personally (Age/Sex/Interests)
  • Their Location
  • Their Current Device (Are They On The Go – Mobile or On A Desk/Laptop?)

This means that Twitter is the perfect Platform for your either your local business or your local clients. Ok with that said lets look 5 powerful tips that will really get your Twitter local marketing campaigns

1) Have A Relevant Content Marketing Strategy

If your not familiar with content marketing, carry on reading to get up to speed fast! Content marketing is a technique of creating and distributing – interesting, valuable and relevant content consistently. The aim is to attract an audience with the end goal being the audience take actions that bring profit to the business.

Content marketing is an important part of any marketing strategy and is integral to position your business as experts in your industry! You might think you have nothing to say or that there are other people out there online who are doing it in a way that you feel you can not compete with!

You need to believe in yourself and your business and understand that as a local business your place online is to provide information to your local community. Ideas for the kind of content you can post could include:

  • List Posts (IE: Top 10 Local Organic Products)
  • Pros And Cons
  • A – Z List of Terms
  • How To Guides
  • Unboxing Videos
  • Manufacturing Process Videos
  • Comparison Videos
  • An interview

Content marketing can seem a bit overwhelming for beginners but do not worry, I put a great guide together that will help you get started here.

Obviously the frequency that you able to post content will vary from business to business, depending on your team and resources. Ideally we recommend that you post content on:

  • Monday 10:03Am
  • Wednesday 10:03Am
  • Friday 10:03Am

We recommend that you mix up your content with other key influencers in your industry and post those:

  • Monday 15:03Am
  • Wednesday 15:03Am
  • Friday 10:03Am

People often ask me how often they should Tweet in general – I would say based on experienced try to avoid tweeting more than once an hour (unless your in a conversation of course!) and make no more than 3 “Broadcast” tweets per day.

Its a good idea to ReTweet and like other peoples content in your local community as well as it makes you more visible and shows you are supporting others – this is what people like to see!

Sociocaster is an excellent tool that is perfect for scheduling all of your Twitter posts – you can also reply to all of your direct messages from one central inbox. If you have not tried Sociocaster yet – now is the time! A load of amazing new features have been added in the past few months and there a lot more in development!

Using a tool like Sociocaster makes scheduling, organizing and interacting with Twitter a lot easier and definitely helps you manage your time a lot more effectively!  If its not something you have considered so far – now is the time to start looking into it!

2) Search For Local People Who Are Tweeting

Its really easy to find local people who are tweeting just simply type your town or city name into the Twitter search box.


Just make sure you click on “More Options” and then scroll down ensure that “Near You” is ticked. Twitter will then only show Tweets that are being sent from near your location. For maximum efficiency use your smartphone with the GPS location function turned on.

Its a good idea to make sure you have Twitter set up on your Android or Iphone handset so that you can interact with your followers through out the day. As I mentioned in the beginning you need to be ready for the fast pace of Twitter to get most benefit out of it!

If you worried about getting pinged 24/7 do not worry – Twitter has the ability to turn off push notifications between certain times!


To Access these settings simply:

  • Click on Your User Avatar In The Top Right Hand Corner
  • Click Settings
  • Click Mobile
  • Then Click Sleep Settings

You can then set the hours in which you will receive notifications to your mobile!  You can just set these to be your business working hours – no one is going to expect a local business social media profile to staffed 24/7!

3) Find People With Your City Name In Their Twitter Profile


People who have your town or city name somewhere in their account profile are an ideal target audience and you should be doing your best to let know your out there!

To find people with your town or city name in there profile simply:

  • Click “More Options”
  • Click “Accounts”
  • Click “Near You”

You will now be presented with all the accounts that contain your town or city name within their profile. I suggest checking these once a week and following as many as possible!

4.) Find Local News Paper Accounts And Follow Their Followers

Depending on the town or city news paper Twitter accounts are a great source of geographically targeted twitter users. Again you just need to employ the tactic of following as many followers as you possibly can. I then suggest waiting a week or so and then following those who do not follow back.  The people who have followed you back will then recieve your Tweets in their Twitter Stream.



5.) Input Longitude & L attitude Into Twitter Search

You can input longitude & Latitude into twitter search and this will display all the users who have opted to make their location available to Twitter. It is a bit more technical and will only really be useful in densely populated metropolitan areas but it is still worth knowing as you can find users who are literally on your businesses door step!


You need type: geocode: Longittude, Latitude 10km into the Twitter search box and it will then display the profiles in that area.

You can change the KM to change the search radius.

I have been Gary O’Toole with Sociocaster and I hope you have found this blog post useful – I will be back on Wednesday with another in depth Blog post. Until then have a great week.





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