Its Gary O’Toole here with Sociocaster! Previously in my content marketing 101 series I have talked about content cu ration being a key element of any successful strategy and looked at creating original contenting versus curating other peoples content – you can read more about that here.

In today’s post I am briefly going to touch on what content curating is and why you should do it then I am going to give you my top 20 content curation tools!

What Is “Content Curation?”

For many people the process of content creation can seem extremely intimidating and pretty tedious! In face most people do not even know where to start. I highly recommend that you start with a plan – you can find out how to create an an awesome content plan – please read this post here.

The great news is that you do not have to create every single piece of content that you share and that your audience care more about the value they are receiving from either reading, watching or listening to the content that who actually created it.

Content created by other people is known as “Curation”. In our context, a curator is some one who brings different pieces of content created together which all relate to the particular niche/topic. As an influence it is appealing to your audience as it saves the hours looking for high quality content – as you have done this for them!

Content curation still allows you to act as an authority figure as you act as a filter and provide your audience with only the highest quality and most informative content out there!

Should I Use Curated Content?

All content marketing methods and techniques have their pros and cons:


  • Sharing Other Peoples Content Takes Less Time
  • Sharing Other Peoples Content Is Free
  • You Can Position Yourself As An Authority Figure Quickly


  • You Need To Verify The Information Is Accurate And Legitimate
  • Doing Curation The Correct Way Still Takes Time
  • You Are Providing A Platform For The Original Creator And Extending Their Reach

I am sure that you have a basic understanding of what “Content Curation” is about by now – but as I mentioned earlier, if you want the full picture please read this post here.

#1 Sociocaster’s Built In Content Discovery Tool

Sociocaster has an excellent built in content discovery tool which helps you find content that has already gone viral – so that when you share it with your followers, you are virtually guaranteed that it will go down well and you will see some huge engagement. You can find out more about this amazing feature by watching this video:

Sociocaster has everything you need to start curating and scheduling instantly – in fact if you wanted to you would be able to start curating a weeks worth of content in less than an hour! It truely is an amazing tool for both individuals, marketers, brands and business owners – who want a quick and simple solution for social media and content marketing!

#2 Pinterest

Pinterest in a content curation powerhouse that I have written about on numerous occasions – you find my in depth post about Pinterest here.  Pinterest is the 4th most popular social network – meaning it has massive potentional for gaining highly targeted free traffic to your website. Blending the social network with great visual content – Pinterest is a winning formula.

Pinterest is a place where people come to hang out and socialize and when they find something they really like and think is pretty cool they show it off to their friends who are also hanging out there! This is what is known as
as a social book marking site. Social booking is not a new idea, however Pinterest broke new ground by becoming
the first to include visual bookmarking through the posting of images. It can be seen as an another image sharing
social network. The idea is you “Pin” the things you love to “Boards” which are based on specific themes, interests or events.


#3 Juxtapost

On the surface Juxtapost is a Pinterest “Clone” – it is what I would described a visual bookmarking tool and it functions a lot like Pinterest too.

Marketers are invited to create postboards grouped together by different ideas – you are able to curate visual content ready for your target demographic to devour! It has some pretty cool collaborative working functionality as well, which is worth checking out if that is the way you like to work!

#4 Feedly

Who remembers Google Reader? Sadly Google shut this service down a few years back but the concept gets to live on in the form of Feedly! Feedly is an ultra simple browser based RSS feed aggregater service – if you were a fan of Google Reader you will love Feedly!

#5  Bundlr

Bundlr sounds a lot like Tumblr but it looks a lot more like – yes you guessed it Pinterest! It bills itself as a way to “Bookmark and Discover” amazing content. It allows you to create “Bundles” of your favorite content by sourcing Tweets, Blog posts , videos and audio from the web and clipping them all together.

You have the option to edit each “Bundles” meta information and then you can embed it on any social media platform and even on your own website! It is free to start using it – but the premium option (no branding for clean embedding) is a mere $19.99 a year.

#6 Zemanta

Zemanta One is powered by cutting-edge AI technology to help you manage the media buying and optimization process. Whether you need to reduce bounce rates, acquire traffic at specific CPCs or nail that CPA goal, ZemantaOne can execute your content marketing strategy while you sit back, relax and receive daily performance reports.

It has a free trial option which allows you enough time, for you to check out all the features and functions. So far I am utterly intrigued and I am definitely considering using in my agency. If you are working at scale, on bigger campaigns then this is worth looking at.

#7 Triberr

If you have ever read Seth Godin’s incredible book “Tribes” the concept behind Triberr will be familiar to you. The idea is to connect Influencers with “Tribes”.  There are various niche specific groups of Bloggers who post high quality content that relates to that topic.

Users are given a dashboard that auto-aggregates content and makes it easy for them to share on various different social platforms.

#8 is very popular in the digital marketing world so it fairly straight forward to generate a decent reach and high level of engagement with you topics. The content that you curate is displayed in an aesthetically pleasing magazine style layout.

I am personally very impressed with the way this particular platform is presented and think its definitely worth looking at for anyone who is serious about content marketing.


Trapit is a artificially intelligent application that learns your preferences as you use it. Its content discovery feature searches more than 100,000 pre-vetted and trusted content sources, including the tool’s hidden gems – content channels of which you’re likely unaware.

“Trap” your favorites into topic collections to share with your audience. It is possible to  create any type of trap you you can imagine, and as Trapit learns more about what you select to go into each collection, further tightens up its recommendations based on each trap.

#10 Waywire

“Video, Don’t Sweat It, Curate It!” is Waywire’s tagline and it is a cloud based video curation platform. Waywire allows you to embed thousands of high quality, laser targeted videos anywhere you like. It has some huge clients such as Tedx, BBC and Timeout!

I would consider this particular platform to be for “Enterprise” level users who are working in a larger agency setting – if this applies to you head over the the site and find out more!

#11 promises to help us to “Collect great content to share and engage your audience wherever they are”. It allows you to put together your own “Curated” newspaper and share it across the web. It is the kind of platform that is very popular with Twitter users (particular influencers and authority figures). is ideal for someone who is able to commit to spending a few minutes each day putting together some interesting content.

It allows you to curate content in three very powerful ways:

  • Social Networks (Attract And Build Relationships By Sharing Fresh Content Tailored To Your Customers)
  • Web News paper (Create A Web Presence Using Your Online Newspaper Or Enhance Your Own Website With Your Curated Content)
  • Email News Letter (Establish Yourself As The “Go-To” Source By Sending Out Regular Newsletters Filled With Your Collected Content)

Personally I love this platform and think the fact you can easily create newsletters and get access to all the pro features for just $9 a month is awesome.

#12 Thinglink

Sometimes the best ideas are the most simple and Thinglink is definitely simple. Thinglink is a very simple and cool way to make static images interactive.  Check out this video and find out more:


“Discover And Create Great Lists” is the tagline of and from what I have seen it seems to be true! As a regular blogger – I have noticed that list posts (like this one you are reading now) are generally the kind of content that goes down really well and quite simply helps you find lists other people have already curated and you can use these to inspire your own!


#14 Pearl Trees

Pearl Trees  claims to be the the place to “Organize Your Interests” – it is basically, a digital version of an office file withe clear plastic sleeves.  Pearl Trees comes in 3 different flavours  – Premium, Education and Enterprise. On the surface it appears to be very simple to use but from what I have seen it quite a deep platform that also has corresponding Android and iOS Apps!


#17 iFlow

iFlow allows you to discover the web and curate content all in one convenient location! iFlow focuses on “Flows” which are basically topical streams fueled by your preselected interests. iFlow is awesome out drowning out the internets excessive background noise and focusing on finding super high quality content.

#18 Flipboard

Flipboard is a really cool mobile APP that allows you create highly personal magazines of content that you can read in the palm of your hand. It is definitely my  favorite newsreader: It “curates” aggregates articles, video, podcasts, and social media into an accessible social media/magazine style.


Flipboard’s Android app, recently updated to version 3.0, houses many significant changes, including a more-streamlined interface, a daily magazine, and a new reading model that encourages you to follow topics, people, and curated magazines. Flipboard for Android – like most of these APPs still lacks dedicated offline reading support, but it remains a powerhouse among Android news-reading apps. I used a Huwaei P8 to test it out.

Flipboard displays most articles as clean, minimalist pieces with black text on a white background and a handful of images. The stories are very easy to read on mobile devices. On occassion a handful of publishers require you to click through to their sites to read articles in their entirety, which is a bit annoying but it is something that I can happily live with considering how good the APP is overall.

#19 Pocket

Although Pocket has no “feed” , I think it is really cool it for a few reasons. The app works by saving items shared to it for offline use and viewing later. There is a chrome plugin and an OSX APP available and it is this cross platform flexibility which makes it noteworthy for me.

I often used find myself out and about looking at content on  the go with no way to view it on a desktop later and as as a result would lose many of the great things I had found – cross platform flexibility solves this issue! Its great for bloggers who find inspiration when they are out and about but need to sit down to write something – Pocket provides the solution – and a great one at that!

#20 Google Newsstand

More of a news reader than a content curator but I felt it deserved a place in this list none the less! If you have not checked it out – you should! If your an android owner – it is probably installed on your handset in the Google “Tools” section, go check it out!

I hope you have found this post inspiring and useful – I highly recommend checking out at least 5 of these tools and seeing how they fit into the way you consume content and inspire you to create your own!

Have A Great Week!


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