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What Is Email Marketing?

Email is still the number #1 digital marketing method as when someone reads your email they are not distracted with all the noise that you get on social media. Email is a very personal way to contact someone and it is proven that if you can write headlines that compel the recipient to open it and you have an offer that is relevant to them – your conversion rates will be high.

Many business owners, brands and solopreneurs put off email marketing because they think that it will incur a high cost! This should never be the case as there are many great services that let you get started either building a list or importing an existing one for free.

All of these services below are great but for those looking for a quick an easy solution that lets you use templates to rapidly create aesthetically pleasing, branded emails – I highly recommend Mailchimp.

Why Should You Use Email Marketing?

Building an email list is still one of the most important things that any business needs to be undertaking as part of a successful digital marketing strategy. Here are 10 reasons to convince you on why you need to start building a list, today:

  • 95% Of Online Consumers Use Email And, 91% Check Their Email At Least Once A Day (Source)
  • Much Higher Reach Than Social Media
  • Less Noise Than Social Media (IE: When Your Recipients Read Your Mail There Are No Distractions)
  • According To Wisemetrics “75% of Facebook post impressions were achieved in just two hours and 30 minutes and, 75% of the “Reach” happens in only one hour and 50 minutes” – Email Does Not Die Out – It Needs To Be Deleted!!!
  • 60% Marketers Say Email Marketing Is Producing ROI And 32% Believe It Will Eventually (Source)
  • Email Has A Set Of Solid Metrics That Have Been Standard For Years: Growth, Open Rate, Click Rate, Complaints, Unsubscribes – Making It Easy To Manage Your Success Rate & ROI.
  • Its Easy To Start “Private” conversations (TIP: Do Not Use Noreply Addresses) With Your Prospects – Who Have Already Expressed Interest In Your Brand/Product/Service.
  • Email Integrates With Virtually Everything (You Can Import Emails To Build Targeted Ad Audiences For Instance)
  • Its Built For Promotion – When People Recieve An Email They Are Conditioned To Accept That It Will Be Promoting Something And If That Offer Is Suitable For Them – They Will Take Action!
  • 66% of All Gmail Messages Are Opened On Mobile Devices (Source)
  • Its Personal – Email Is Powerful As It Has The Ability To Send One Piece Of Content To Many People And Still Be Highly Personal!


Email Marketing 101: The Fundamentals

Ok I am sure by now  that I have convinced that Email marketing is something that you should be investing your time and money in. In this section we will look at the basics of Email Marketing, a 101 if you will – that will provide you with a solid enough understanding of Email Marketing to get you started!

Be Personal Where Possible:

When you sound more personal, people appreciate this and are likely to receive what you send with a more positive mindset. This can provide positive interaction and replies as well. You can further increase the impact of your emails by sending them out from someone with a key position in your company, like the founder.

Brand Your Emails:

If you have already branded your business, incorporate your branding into your new email marketing campaign. Use your existing color scheme and logo in every message that is sent. Your reputation will carry over into the content of the emails being received by your customers as they will immediately be able to know that it has come from your company. Having a cohesive image is absolutely critical to the overall branding of your business.

Choose The Right Time:

Carefully consider which day of the week on which to send your message, taking into account the content inside the message as well as your readership. B2B -related newsletters are best mailed during working days, such as Tuesday or Wednesday. By contrast, emails that relate to (B2C)  leisure or lifestyle should be sent on Saturday or Sunday.

Check Your Links:

Always ensure that the links you include work. If your customers can’t click on your links to see your site or buy your products, the point of the email is lost. It can also make your emails look less professional, as consumers know that professional emails should not contain errors. Think about it if you can not be trusted with a simple hyperlink – how can they trust you with their business?

Never Send Unsolicited Emails:

If you want to go ahead with email marketing you should get permission from your customers before you email them, you should do this for every single person on your list. If you don’t, complaints that you are spamming people will increase, and that may cause you to lose customers.

Have subscribers type in their email address twice when filling out the form to opt into your email list. Many people will write their email address wrong the first time it is typed, such as by entering @mgail.com instead of @gmail.com The double-confirm option will eliminate these typos, and ensure proper delivery of messages.

Don’t Be Scared Of Double Optins They Are Proven To Have Higher Conversion Rates!


Check The Law In Your Country/Territory:

As I have said before this blog is read by people from all over the world and the law in each country varies greatly. Please make sure that you are following the laws of your land before conducting any email campaign. Email spamming has been a huge nuisance and is something that you need to work hard to avoid.

I live in London,UK and spamming unsolicited email addresses is considered to be illegal. It is obviously very difficult to track down email spammers from different countries – but in the UK if I was to spam unsolicited email addresses of UK residents, it is highly likely I would get prosecuted.

Spamming will also get you banned from using whatever email service you are subscribed to (paid/free or self hosted) as when an IP address sends excessive spam the IP becomes blacklisted and future emails will bounce. This is not good for your providers business (as other clients send rates will drop dramatically too!) and they will simply ban you from their service – no questions asked! Your email address will also quickly identified as spam and even if you move to another service will get blocked by services such as Gmail & Hotmail and your open rates will be extremely low.

#1 Rule Of Email Marketing – Do Not Be A Spammer!

Some Quick And Easy Techniques To Make Your Email Marketing More Appealing:

Try And Collect Personal Data On Sign Up:

You could attempt to send subscribers birthday wishes, if you have that type of data when they sign up for your emails. This entire process can be easily automated and you could send the subscriber a one time coupon code which lets them get a free product (or significant discount) from you to help them celebrate their birthday! This builds rapport and generally appreciated by most people. Who would not want something for free – when they had already expressed interest?

Avoid making important announcements out around a major holidays . People are often out of their office or on trips during these times, and so they won’t read your emails. Of course, as always there are exceptions to this rule. Some examples of this include Black Fridays – when some people will be frantically searching their inbox for coupons and crazy deals.

Every Message Needs A Call To Action!

Your emails should contains calls to action. Let your email recipients know what they need to do by telling them directly. If you include links in your messages, clearly instruct your readers on how to use them, and make the links prominent and obvious. It’s sometimes good to repeat your call to action more than once in an email. You might include it once in the header and once at the end of the email, for example.

Clear Instructions Create Greater Conversions! Leave No Doubt And Spell It Out! 

Learn The Spammers Code And Do The Opposite!

Learn the way of the spammer by creating a free Gmail or Hotmail account and signing up for as many lists as possible – you will soon see who is sending you interesting and engaging emails and who is sending you pure spam. Spam does not have to be all about diet pills and insane diets – it can just be marketers who email too often or whose emails come across as totally insincere (IE: every product they promote is amazing).


Write Headlines That Will Drive Your Subscribers To Open Them:

The subject line of an email should grab the reader’s attention. Offering an incentive in the subject line will make the receiver more likely to open the email. Mention a highly discounted, limited-time offer, free gift or something else that will grab their attention and get them to take action. If you have a good subject line, it will increase the chance that your customer will read your email.

Make Your Email Shareable:

Give your readers the ability to share the content of your email easily, including through social media. They’ll be able to get your message out to an even larger audience without you so much as lifting a finger.


My Top 10 Free Email Management Tools:

As promised here are my top 10 free email management tools! Every single on one of them is free to use and will be more than enough to get you started building your first email list! Each one has been tried and tested by me personally and they all have their individual merits – but I recommend that you start with Mailchimp as it, in my opinion the best service out there for beginners!


Mailchimp also some excellent educational content both on their website and Youtube – that not only teaches you about the basics of Email marketing (the right way) but also how to use their excellent platform to generate the highest ROI possible.


URL: http://listwire.com

What You Get: Manage Upto 10 lists of 12,000 Subscribers For Free


URL: http://mailchimp.com/

What You Get: Send 12,000 Emails To 2,000 Subscribers For Free.


URL: http://mandrill.com/

What You Get: The Fastest Way To Deliver Email. Free 12K Emails/Month.


URL: http://www.mailgun.com/

What You Get: The Email Service For Developers. Free 10K Emails/Month.


URL: https://sendgrid.com/

What You Get: Delivers Your Transactional And Marketing Email. Free 12K Emails/Month.


URL: https://www.sendinblue.com/

What You Get: Send 9K Free Emails Per Month

Contact form 7:

URL: https://wordpress.org/plugins/contact-form-7/
What You Get: A World Famous Email Capture Plugin With Many Integrations


URL: https://www.manycontacts.com/

What You Get: Free Contact Form Sits On Top Of Your Website.

FREE Responsive Email Editor:

URL: https://beefree.io/index.aspx

What You Get: A Email Editor To Build Responsive Design Messages.

FREE Canned Email

URL: http://www.cannedemails.com/

What You Get: Prewritten Emails For You To Use

I hope you found this useful and I will back with some more in depth content later next week! If you found this useful please share it

Have  A Great Week,


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